Richland Chambers Guide Steve Schmidt Lake Report: Mon 28,2001 (date fished Wed 23, 2001) Water Color: Clear to 1 ft Depth: Normal Water Temp: Top 78 Bottom 73o (5/23/ 01) Forecast: Sunny with a High of 82 winds out of the South/West 5 to 25 Boat Ramp: Oak Cove Marina Equipment: Rod – Hookhider Rods IM8 7ft Medium Heavy Reel -Spidercast SCP-600 Line-P-line 12 to 17lb Lure- Zoom Lizard, Fluke Color- Watermelon and dipping the tail in spike-it (chart) Black Bass: The early morning top water bite was a little slowed. We moved around the north end of Hickey Island. You need to look for the grass and the pockets by the grass this seems to be the key. Started working the roadbed, didn’t pick up any fish, so we moved off the edges of the grass and backed up to the timber. You pretty much need to dead stick it. These fish were pretty aggressive and we where catching them in 5 to 10ft of water on a Texas Rigged a Watermelon Lizard and dipping the tail in Chart spike it. Or I would use a Carolina-Rig a Lizard or a Fluke same color. Using a ¾ oz sinker and a black swivel and a 2/0 Gamma hook on an 18 to 24 in liter. The action was real good. We rolled up went down to the Blue house a fished the cedar trees and road. We fished the same way picked up one fish’s, but we couldn’t stay here to long with the winds it was really tough. It was over all a good day when we came in we saw TP&W they where stocking. We talked them and they are going to release approximately 5000,000 fry. They released these all over the lake not just at any boat ramp. This will be going on for the next couple weeks. This will take about 2 years to see any results and about half will survive. So I hope this puts some of the negative comments to rest aside about the lake. Last thing we started to film the lake and it show be ready to order from within the next couple months. This 70min tape will show every one different spots to fish and how to run the lake. It will have a few of my own Honey holes on it as well. I’d like to take the time to Thank the fine folks at Oak Cove Marina and my Sponsors: Hookhider Rods, Spiderwire, Spidercast Reels, S.O.B Lures, Gambler/Bang and Aerial Angler and Bait Hooker & Dual Pro Chargers Please Practice Catch and Release Steve Schmidt Tight Lines and Good Fishing Schmidts Big Bass Guide Service 817-468-2671 (hm) 817-929-0675 (cell) 972-923-6649 ( wk)

Water Temp: 76