Richland Chambers Reservior Guide Steve Schmidt Lake Report: Monday, July 16, 2001 Water Color: Stained Depth: Normal Pool Water Temp: 85 to 88 Forecast: Sunny high of 90 winds 2 to 5 mph Boat Ramp: Oak Cove Marina Equipment: Rod – Hookhider Rods IM8 7ft Medium Heavy Reel -Spidercast SCP-600 Line-P-line 12 to 17lb Lure- Zoom 6in worms, 4in fry’s Color- Watermelon and dipping the tail in spike-it (chart) Fishing Report: fished lake July 12,13,14 2001 Black Bass: The early morning bite has been on top water buzzbait from about 5:30 am to 6:45 am. I was throwing a white buzzbait, and a S.O.B Pop-R white with black bottom and also Crome with blue. I was working the flooded grass and lay down in the shaded pockets. I suggest you don’t work this pattern to long. As the sun started to heat up I headed to some of the boat docks on the lake and bulkheads. You will find more docks on the south end of the lake on the Richland creek side. I was flipping around all the docks and ladder and right on the bulkhead. Pay close attention to the drop offs from the docks into the creek you will find these fish in the 10 to 15 ft water. My choice of bait here is the Ringtail Watermelon worms and Red Shad. Note all of these baits are 4 in .I was using 12 to 15lb P-line with a 5/16-bullet weight or weight less. I then moved north of the 2859 Bridge and fished the points and tank dams right off the Orchard point. (Here are a few GPS Points: N3237.27000 W09617.54000) I have been working Crank baits, and I have been using a Fire Tiger / Chart pattern or a white with a black or blue bottom. As far as the Carolina –Rig here on the two tanks. Here are a few colors that I have been catching my fish on. I like watermelon / chart or Pumpkin or Pumpkin/ chart and a Purple with yellow tail (Worm or Fry). I was also using Bangs Garlic or pure Bang. Always try to use some kind of fish attracted if you can because it really works. You need to drink plenty of fluids and have plenty on the boat, when the temp gets up, as they have been up, you really only can fish half a day. That’s why I suggest that you try to do some night fishing, even if it’s off the bank. Nighttime bite is pretty good right now, you need to make sue you have a good spot light and if you have a GPS. Run the area your going to fishing. This will track on your GPS then, as it gets dark and later when you start to leave you can get back safe. This is just a guide to get you back. I’d like to take the time to Thank the fine folks at Oak Cove Marina and my Sponsors: Hookhider Rods, Spiderwire, Sewin-Sam, S.O.B Lures, Gambler/Bang, Aerial Angler, Bait Hooker, Dual Pro Chargers. Please Practice Catch and Release Thank you Tight Lines & Good Fishing Schmidt’s Big Bass Guide Service 817-468-2671 hm 817-929-0675 cell 972-923-6649 office

Water Temp: 85