Fishing Report: Saturday, July 29, 2000 (dated fishedJuly 29, 2000) Black Bass: The lake is back up to normal pool, the grass and lay downs are holding and boat docks right now pretty good bet’s on finding some pretty good quality fish. The early morning bite has been on top water buzzbait from about 6:00 am to 7:30 am. I was throwing a white buzzbait, and changing over to a Lunker City Whipstik using the Alewife color, I was working the flooded grass throwing next to the grass drag it next to the grass the fish are coming out and just nailing it. The action is just is real nice better then the original Slug-Go. I darts side to side better. I also was using Bangs Garlic & and the pure Bang. Always if you can use some kind of fish attracted if you can because it really works. As the sun was breaking through the overcast sky’s I was working boat docks. Then traveled to some lay downs in the back of Grape Creek. My choice of bait here is the Gambler Ficht Fry Red Shad or Gore Green and Pumpkinseed and don’t forget Watermelon. Note all of these baits are 4in.I was flipping them in around all the sturture. When fishing this structure you want to have a strong line because these fish will want to wrap you around a log and try to break you off. I like 17 or better in mine line and really pay attention to your knot, because if you Texas Rig and the sinker floats up and down your line it will break your knot down. I like a glass bead or a drop of super glue. Crappie: Brush Piles on Large Minnows Sand Bass: Schooling in and around the south side of the Hickey Island catching them on Rattle-Traps chrome/blue and chrome spoons. Catfish: No Report I just like to say Thank You to the fine folks at Oak Cove Marina, my Sponsors, Lamiglas Rods, Lunker City, Berkley, Spiderwire, Spidercast and Minn-Kota, Gambler/Bang lure and Ranger Boats. Please Practice Catch and Release Thank you Tight Lines & Good Fishing Schmidt’s Big Bass Guide Service 817-468-2671 hm 817-929-0675 cell 972-923-6649 office

Water Temp: 85