My client and I had a great day on Rayburn for the month of August. We fished a full day today and boated over 40 bass with 25 of them being keepers. Our best 5 today would have gone 16LBs. My client also politely donated his chugbug to an unseen giant, guestamated to be somewhere under 20LBS. 🙂 Most all the fish came on Crankbaits and topwaters but we did manage to sneak in a couple of jig fish as well. The lake is falling and the grass is not in the best shape but there is still plenty left to pitch to. You may have to search a little more to find the good stuff. The crankbait and topwater fish a holding on the outer edges and over the grass. If you would like to book a trip on Sam Rayburn give me a call or email me 409-698-2227 and good luck at the lake!

Water Temp: 92