The cold winter and rising water has made the fishing tough here in January. The Rat-L-Trap bite is the best bet for quality right now. With the water coming up, you will have to be more patient to allow your trap to sink down to the hydrilla. Work a stop and go retrieve with your bait letting it fall back to the grass. The deeper bite is more consistant right now with spoons or soft plastics fished in brush piles in 20-25ft. The quality of fish is not as good as the grass fish but you can catch a limit doing it. The trap bite should only continue to get better as we get near February. Slow rolling a Stanley spinnerbait over the grass and a small crankbait that will run 8-10ft deep are also good baits to try. If you would like to book a trip for bass or crappie on Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend please give me a call (409)698-2227 or email me Good Luck!

Water Temp: 50