The bite has really picked up these last couple of weeks. BIG stringers are being weighed in, up to 35 LB 5 fish limits. 9s, 10s, even 11#s have been caught this past week. Rat-L-Traps have been the big bait that is doing most of the damage. Fishing 1/2oz and 3/4oz models over grass beds in the mid-lake and south ends seems to be the best bet. 1/2oz Stanley spinnerbaits have also produced some good catches over the grass. The fish are pulling up onto staging areas and are feeding up. Once you catch a fish, slow down and make sure to check and see if they are stacked. This time of year it is very possible to make 5 cast and catch 25LBS. Be care on the water and be sure to take care of those fish. Good Luck! Shane Allman

Water Temp: 50s