Lake Level: 170.0 ft and falling one to two inches per day Water Temp: upper 80s, low 90s Clarity: stained to clear The Bass bite continues to be slow during the day, better activity at night. Main lake ridge ledges with brush tops or grass in 8 to 10 ft. of water holding the better fish. DD 22s in Tennessee shad, Fire Tiger, Fat Free shad and magnum worms Texas rigged in watermelon, June-bug or crabapple working best. Early work shallow grass close to deep water with top water plugs, buzz baits, spinner baits and soft finesse plastics. When sun gets overhead, back out to deeper water using soft plastics and mid diving crank baits. Look for schooling bass mid day. Shallow diving chrome or shad colored crank baits and top water plugs working best when schooling.

Water Temp: 90s