The lake is at 170.19 ft., high pool is 172 ft. Temperature is ranging in the upper 40s to low 50s. Black Bass are moving into their typical pre spawn pattern staging in 4 to 10 ft. of water. Good reports of active fish being caught on spinner baits and crawfish or red ½ oz traps in the backs of the coves when we have three to four days of warm temperatures. When cold fronts come through look for the bass to back out to deep water and the bite becomes very slow. White Bass are making their annual migration up the river. Road Runners, lip-less crank baits in chrome and Rinky Dink tail spinners working best. Good reports of Crappie and Yellow bass (bar fish) being caught on shiners and jigs when fished in 15 to 25 ft of water over brush tops. Good reports of Catfish coming in on trot-lines with live or cutbait.

Water Temp: 40s