Lake Level: 169.8 ft, 2ft -4inches below high pool and rising Clarity: Muddy to stained on the North End clearing further south Temp: Upper 30s to mid 40s The lake has risen 1 1/2 feet in the past two weeks and still a lot of fresh water coming into the lake. High winds, cold temperatures and bad weather have kept most fishermen on the bank. Black Bass: Falling water temperatures have pushed the bass into deep water. Bite is slow and they are holding tight to cover. Jigs in black/blue, brown/orange and camo along with deep diving shad colored crank baits and spoons working best. Bite is better in the afternoon. White Bass: Cold temperatures will slow the migration of the Whites up the lake to the river proper. Concentrate on the old river channel sand-bars with slab spoons and Rinky Dink tail spinners. Crappie: The Crappie have moved into deeper water with the cold temperatures also. Concentrate in 30 to 50 ft. of water with shiners and 1/32 oz. jigs. Double rig a couple lines with a jig and a shiner on each line about 2 feet apart. Put a jig on bottom on one and a shiner on bottom on the other to see what they are hitting best. Bite has been extremely light.

Water Temp: 30s