Sorry for the delay in my report but my internet server was down last week. The lake is at 163.32ft msl, almost 9 ft below high pool. Repairs have been made to the dam and the gates have been close. SRA will let the lake rise to 168ft before releasing any water. Since the gates have closed, fishing has steadily increase. For available ramps having access to the lake, you can visit the Sabine River Authority’s web-site at Extreme caution should still be used when running areas other than the river channel proper. On the north end of the lake the key is fishing the river channel proper. Jigs, crank baits and soft plastics fished on the river shelf and ledges around structure working best with bass up to 10lbs and stringers over 20lbs. Work root systems, lay downs, and brush tops. Fire-tiger crank-baits, watermelon soft plastics and black/blue jigs working best. Crappie starting to gang up on the river channel ledges. Shiners working best when fished over brush piles.

Water Temp: 72