Lake Level: 167.1 ft, high pool 172 ft. Clarity: clear Bass continuing to move into their typical fall pattern. Falling water temperatures are helping to increase the bass’s feeding activity. Concentrate around the mouths of the creeks with top water plugs, shallow running crank baits, traps, spinner baits and plastics as the shad start moving into these areas. Also work main lake ridge points and river channel ledges where ditches and creeks drop into the river. Deep diving cranks in shad colors and soft plastics in greens and reds most productive. Look for White Bass along river channel sand- bars in 16 to 20 ft of water. Slab spoons and Rinky Dink tail spinners working best. Crappie starting to move onto the river channel ledges as water temperature drops. Jigs and shiners working best when fished over brush tops in 16 to 20 ft of water.

Water Temp: 72