Lake Level: 166.6 ft, high pool 172 ft. Clarity: clear The Bass pattern continues to remain the same over the past couple weeks. Bass up to 7 lbs. are scattered and holding tight to structure in 5 to 8ft. of water along the river channel shelf and ledge. Concentrate on lay-downs, brush tops and the larger stumps with 1/2 oz black/blue or camo jigs and Texas or Carolina rigs with watermelon plastics working best. Mid to deep diving crank baits in shad colors also producing well when fished around main lake slough areas . White Bass holding along river channel sand- bars in 16 to 20 ft of water. Crappie and Yellow bass starting to move onto the river channel ledges as water temperature drops. Jigs and shiners working best when fished over brush tops in 16 to 20 ft of water.

Water Temp: 72