(DALLAS, TEXAS—April 9, 2007)—Adventure Technology introduces the first and only lure with retractable hooks, which solves the problem of catching weeds and debris when casting in mossy, wooded, or heavily covered areas. The slickFISH lure–designed for serious fishermen and professional anglers–is a colorful plastic lure fitted with a trigger mechanism that pops the hooks out when a fish strikes.

Designed to mirror the movement of a wounded shad, slickFISH lures fall slower that traditional lures and stay in the strike zone longer, attracting more bass. Because of the retractable hooks, slickFISH lures are versatile and glide effortlessly through any body of water–including shores, docks, or open water–giving serious fishermen a sustainable, competitive edge. slickFISH can also be used as a conventional lure in open water by releasing the hooks before casting.
“A fisherman’s got about 40 lures in his tacklebox, and he knows the top two that work,” says Jimmy Everett, a top guide on Lake Fork in Texas. “A new lure has to show its worth right away to make it as a top pick for serious fisherman. slickFISH does just that, and it’s always in my top two.”
Each slickFISH lure is made by hand, instead of a machine, and is easy to set on a braided line.
About Adventure Technology
Texas-based Adventure Technology conceptualizes, engineers, and manufactures
solution-oriented products for a variety of industries, including sporting and recreation equipment. The patented slickFISH lure was launched in 2006.
For more information about slickFISH Lures, or for purchases, visit www.slickFISHlure.com.