Lake Fork Fishing Report by James Caldemeyer

March 13, 2006

“March Madness” is here and the fishing on the lake is incredible. Water temps are into the mid 60’s and the warm conditions have brought the fish in to start spawning. You can find a great number of these bass in the back of the major creeks that have this warm water. Follow the creek back to the flats and coves in which these fish are actively moving to and look closely with your polarized glasses. The amount of fish that some of these areas are holding is staggering!
The methods I am using to catch these lunkers vary. Some areas I am throwing a weightless or slightly weighted wacky worm anywhere out in the open flats. Best colors have been shades of watermelon, green pumpkin or kudzo. Most of the fish are males in the 2-4 lb range with an occasional female. To really get some big mamas in the boat, keep your eyes peeled for them on a bed. When you find one, start pitching a Grande Bass “Mutant” in white or watermelon red, in there. If you haven’t seen or tried these new baits you’re missing out. They are amazing! You can check them out at . Use a 1/8 or 1/4 ounce sinker and peg it with a toothpick while rigging the Mutant Texas style, hold on!

You can also catch a lot of fish still staging up on main lake and secondary points, leading to these areas, as well. I’ve been catching a lot of fish on a 3/8 to 1/2 oz spinner bait in white or white/chartreuse with double willow blades in nickel/gold. Fish these over the points and close to the creek channels looking for lay downs and ditches along the way. You’ll want to cover a lot of water in some areas and in others the fish will be stacked up. Especially on cloudy, windy days.

As the spawn progresses, you’ll be able to expand the fish you’re catching to the post-spawners as well. These fish will be catch able on a variety of top water baits as well as crank baits in numerous colors.

If you are planning a trip, now is the time to be here in search of some real giants. Some of the biggest fish that will be caught this year will come right now. With the full moon coming this week, a lot of the big females will come too. I am currently booked for the rest of this month, but do have some available days in April and May. These fish will be on these patterns all the way through then, so contact me if you’d like to go after one of these trophies together. Jeff, from Indiana, went out with me the other day and we caught over 50 (Yes, 50!) bass, with the biggest being a 7.6 lb bruiser. You can contact me or see photos of other fish at or email me at

I’d like to thank The Lord, first and foremost, for making “all things possible”- As well as my sponsors. To all you “Trophy Hunters” out there, until next time…

Good Fishing and God Bless,

James Caldemeyer