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Licensed Guide Clint Wright

Well, hello fellow fishermen and fisherwomen. This report is for Lake Fork, Texas 14OCT06 until today 25OCT06.
REPORT: Last night I had the pleasure of doing a seminar at Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits store in Mineola, Texas. We all had a great time. Jimmy Everett and I were the presenters and I believe the people got a lot of information and were pleased. I think this is going to start being a quarterly seminar, I hope some of you can make out next time. Yamamoto baits have always been my favorite and with the price of all baits going sky high they are now more competitive.

The fishing here at Lake Fork has been steady. These minor cold snaps we keep getting are making most folks work for their fish. But, with a little bit of old knowledge and a little bit of Junk fishing we have been able to get quit a few fish in the boat. The last few days 200 – 300 series crank baits have been my main stay. These baits are good for fish in the 3 – 7 pound range. The jig bite has still produced in the timber and on brush for the larger bite. Early morning and late afternoon the weightless Senko has brought us some real nice numbers. I am mainly fishing the 8 – 12 foot range but during the middle of the day have found fish on the ledges in 15-25 foot with a Carolina rig. I also must add that the lake is very busy. Over the weekend the boats were everywhere. I thought things would slow down during the week but I was wrong. Yesterday there had to be at least 200 boats out. The Share-A-Lunker program is on everyone’s mind. This is something that has been a goal of mine for a long time. With a 12.08 this year and many 9’s and 10’s landed from my boat I feel that a goal of 13 lbs. is reachable for anyone here. I feel that from now until the early spring the fishing is going to be awesome here at the lake. I mentioned to Jimmy that I felt the lake looked younger now that all the wood is up and showing with the lake level low. Many people just didn’t realize how much cover and structure this place has to offer until now that they can visualize it. Personally I like the lake a few feet low. Not to say a few inches of rain wouldn’t be nice!

Today’s Tip: I have said it before but here it goes again. If you come to Lake Fork the opportunity is there for a fish of a lifetime, more so than any other Lake in this country, the numbers don’t lie. These fish are very smart. They did not get to be 10 lbs. plus by biting every artificial bait that comes there way. Patience is going to be your best friend.

Remember to always use sharp hooks and retie often. A good tied knot looses 50% of its strength in 24 hours. If you get hung up then pull and tug until it comes loose cut about 3 foot of line off and start over.
If you find yourself planning a trip to Lake Fork or Lake Monticello, give me a call at (903-342-3497 or 903-918-9469) or visit my site at it is still a work in progress, but is going to be awesome! I try not to answer my phone while out with clients, so if I don’t answer please leave a message (let me know what day or days you are requesting) I will call you back. Or email me at

If you are interested in a new boat give me a call, as a member of R&R Marine prostaff I will meet you at the dealership or answer any questions you might have, (903-855-8585) Pittsburg TX. Test-drives in Legend boats are available upon request. My 2005 TR-21 is for sale. This boat is only 5 months old. Also, my Nissan Titan is working great; Louann at Peltier Nissan (903-720-7786) Tyler TX is wonderful also, you will not find a better price on Nissans. Tell her I said hello when you call and that you want the Clint Wright discount!

If you ever see me at the Lake, please stop by and say hi.

I welcome beginners, experts and children.

Good Luck and stay safe,

Guide Clint Wright

Lake Fork

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