Water stained; 62 degrees; 824.80′: Largemouth are very good on creek points and rip rap along seawalls of bays and pockets using white/chartreuse 7/16 oz. Terminator tungsten spinnerbaits (www.terminatorlures.com), greenbug Photon crankbaits (www.photonlures.com) and Texas rigged black-blue flake Whacky Sticks (www.cremelure.com). Stripers are fair at first light under birds around Lighthouse Point using Snap Back jerkbaits rigged on Bait Jerker Hooks (www.falconlures.com), topwater walkers and Rat-L-Traps (www.rat-l-trap.com). White Bass good at daylight along 20′ channel breaklines on 1/8 oz. Tiny Traps, Spoiler Shads or white grubs and Shad Raps fished through schools of whites. Crappie are good to on docks with brushpiles and bridge pilings using 1/32 oz. Curb’s crappie jigs, blue/silver Tube jigs and live minnows. To book a guided fishing trip w/ the only fulltime professional guides fishing LBJ for over 40 years contact JR’s Guide Service(www.jrguideservice.com). Call (830) 833-5688 or email: jimfish@moment.net.