As you know with today pressures on the Bass an angler has to come up with patterns and ways to fish baits that will cause a Bass to react to, to get them to bite. A weighted hook can be used to wacky rig worms such as Senko type baits or trick worms around Moss Beds and boathouses that will produce some awesome Big Bass.
I fish alot as a Guide and I have noticed in the areas I fish after months of tournament pressure in those areas the Bass are no longer running around hitting everything that moves. So new patterns or unusual patterns in those same areas will produce alot of Big Bass. Bass react to pressure the same as deer do the more pressure the more they hunker down or become harder to catch. The Bass have not left the area but when they see a bait rigged a totally different way they go ballistic on it. There are many different weighted hooks on the market. Try some next time you encounter hard to hit Bass and you will be surprised at the super wacky rig. Don Mattern Sr. with Mattern Guide Service