As a guide on Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend, I see a lot of people out on the water. Some are weekend anglers and others are locals who fish on a regular basis. Surprisingly there is a common link to many of these fisherman. Most all of my clients also share in this fact. They
Either don’t wear any form of sun glasses or the ones they do wear are not polarized. The polarization of glasses cuts down on the glare on the water and will protect your eyes from UV rays. Those of us who fish for a living know the importance of a good pair of polarized fishing glasses. Although you may see me refer to fishing glasses as sun glasses, this also includes fishing glasses made for cloudy or overcast days. Such glasses are equally important.
There are many top quality polarized fishing glasses on the market today. I wear Ocean Waves sun glasses, they not only allow me to see better beneath the surface but they also come in so many styles to fit one’s needs and personality.(for a free Ocean Waves catalogue 1-800-749-9920)
A common mistake made by fisherman are that polarized glasses are only for sight fishing during the spawn. Although a good pair of glasses is a must for bed fishing, they are a must for all fishing. Safety is one major reason you should always wear glasses while fishing, you can’t replace an eye.
For those anglers who don’t wear polarized glasses they are missing more catchable fish than they realize. Many times a fish will short strike your bait and with out polarized glasses you may not see it, but with a good pair of glasses you might see that fish ; make a second cast and catch that fish. I have actually had fish swim out of the cover just far enough to see them eyeball one bait such as a jerk bait, then cast back into the cover with a Texas rigged lizard or Stanley jig and caught the fish.
Polarized glasses will also help you find underwater cover such as stumps, brush, aquatic vegetation and even depth changes. Polarized glasses are sometimes more important than a depth/fish finder, especially when fishing Hydrilla. Fishing glasses will help you find schools of bait fish which will help you find more fish.
Whether you fish for bass in the grass or reds on the flats, Polarized fishing glasses are just as important as the bait you tie on. Make sure to take a camera with you so you can take pictures and leave fish.