Reeltimeanglers, S&K Guide Service, Delaware Tackle, and Anglers Radio now teaming with Cocoon Sunglasses and other top pro anglers. 

Reeltimeanglers, S&K Guide Service, Delaware Tackle, and Anglers Radio now teaming with Cocoon Sunglasses and other top pro anglers, to bring you top of the line eyewear protection, so important for recreational and professional anglers who spend many hours on the water, a high quality product at a reasonable price to protect one of your most important assets, “your eyes”

Reeltimeanglers and Delaware Tackle have entered a relationship with one of the top makers of professional eyewear for anglers and people who spend large amounts of time on the water or in the outdoors, a high quality product at prices that the average angler can afford.

These glasses are worth three times the price, but are being offered in a special promotion to anglers in clubs and federations at a special price to make protecting your eyes and finding the fish an affordable way to acheive your goals while protecting your most important investment; “Your Eyes!”


Polarization is similar to a chemical venetian blind, rearranging light and allowing you to see “through” harsh glare and reflection. 100% polarized lenses are the only truly effective way of eliminating glare. Water, fog, rain, snow and early morning dew, have reflective properties, which enhance reflected glare.
All Live Eyewear sunglasses feature polarized lenses. When wearing polarized lenses, eyestrain is reduced, allowing your eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. The elimination of glare provides a tranquil “cocoon” for your eyes, improving visual acuity and enhancing depth perception. Live Eyewear polarized lenses are also scratch resistant and deliver complete UV A&B protection.

Live lenses are optically correct. This means that there is no distortion, which is especially important when wearing a polarized lens over a prescription lens. Live Eyewear is guaranteed to deliver all the advantages of polarization without interfering with your corrective lenses. Comfortably floating above the prescription glasses, Cocoons and Chameleons are the finest fits over sunglasses available in the world, a statement reiterated by the Live Eyewear lifetime warranty.


Cocoons and Chameleons feature patented optical technology unique to Live Eyewear sunglasses. All frames are engineered to comfortably float over prescription eyewear, but function equally as well when worn as a conventional sunglass.
Impact resistant polycarbonate side shields are optically correct and permanently injected for the lifetime of the frame. Side shields are warranted to never rattle, shrink or displace.

Flex2Fit™ temples are designed to allow the wearer to manually adjust the shape and curvature of the temple to best suit their needs. The temple can be adjusted easily and will remain in position, delivering a comfortable and secure fit. Flex2Fit™ temples eliminate the need for an additional eyewear retainer, unless the sunglasses are to be used in high turbulence conditions such as open cabin boats etc. Cocoons sports straps are available as optional accessories for more adverse conditions.

The various sizes and styles are engineered to fit over almost all prescription eyewear. Use the sizing guide to determine which frame style will best fit you. All sizes fit equally well as fits over or regular sunglasses.

Pro Staff

Some of the world’s top professional anglers use Cocoons to cut through the water’s reflective surface and give them the edge. Whether competing in harsh sunlight or stormy, rainy days, Cocoons deliver the ultimate in visual performance.

Some of the professional anglers now on the team are Alton Jones, Mark Kile, Zell Roland, Roger Boler, John Murray, Ish Monroe, Gary Klein, and now the entire staff at S&K Guide Service, Anglers Radio, and Delaware Tackle.

You can view all the Cocoon glasses at Delaware Tackle, the fastest growing and most respected tackle dealer on the internet at or order direct on the phone at 1-856-269-0188.