Mercury OptiMax 200XS Outboard Sets 102.099 MPH World Speed Record

–McClain Breaks 200 EFI Outboard Kilo Speed Record by More Than 1.143 MPH –OptiMax 200XS is the World’s Fastest 200 h.p. Low-Emissions Outboard –Record Set On First Set of Passes Clifton, TN, November 4 — Team Jaco driver Bill McClain of Lawrenceburg, TN, driving a Mercury Racing 200XS OptiMax outboard-powered Allison XB 2002 bass boat, set a new 102.099 mph Pro Stock Bass 200 outboard world kilo speed record today on the Tennessee River. The records, governed on-site by American Power Boat Association (APBA) officials, require back-to-back speed runs over a straight-line, one kilometer course. The record is the average of two consecutive speed runs. OptiMax is Mercury Marine’s low-emissions, direct fuel injection two-stroke technology that meets Environmental Protection Agency 2006 emissions regulations and California Air Resources Board 2004 standards. McClain, who celebrates his 37th birthday tomorrow, flew through the traps at an average speed of 102.099 mph, upping the existing Pro Bass 200 class world kilo speed record by 1.143 mph. McClain set the new record on his first set of passes. The original record was set October 22, 1996 in Oak Ridge, TN by Team Jaco driver Scott Sisco in a Mariner Super Magnum 200 EFI outboard powered Allison XB 2002 hull. Sisco’s record was one of six new APBA outboard bass boat kilo speed records set by Mercury Marine. Mercury broke existing records in the 150hp, 175hp and 200hp classes set by Outboard Marine Corporation in 1991. Mercury also broke the speed record in the Pro Bass 200 Unlimited class, and set records in the newly established “Pro Bass Unlimited” and Pro-Stock Bass “Low Emission” classes. The APBA Pro Stock Bass Boat class speed records rules call for bass boats that retain production boat identity, i.e. fishing decks, colors, graphics, seating, etc. while allowing latitude in construction, preparation and set up to permit higher speeds. Outboards must be production units that are available to the public in quantity. Minor modifications are allowed to the gearcase and propeller. Minor blueprinting of the boat bottom is allowed as well. Boats must met the minimal weight designated for the class, including driver and remaining fuel as it is lifted from the water upon completion of the record run. Additional records slated to be set today by McClain include Pro Stock Bass 150 and Pro Stock Bass 175. Paul Nichols of Chattanooga, TN is also attempting to set a record for the newly established Pro Stock Bass 250 class.