If you are into bass fishing,then you in a fishing adventure that has a long history that would interest you.If you don’t know may i tell you that bass fishing started in late 18th century and it has continues till date.

It actually started as people search for food in the south of the United States.It has since that period being gaining ground among many people from all countries.Countries such as Australia,South Africa,Cuba,United States and most of European nations do go bass fishing.

The Bass Fishing Time Machine

The passion for bass fishing got on the way in 1768 or 1770 as a sporting activity.The first multiplying fishing reels used by fishing pros was first introduced by Onesimus Ustonson.This was later developed into bait caster.

Then William Shakespeare Jr.invented the level wind device and got its patent in 1897.

Also,William J.Jamison co introduced the well-adorned shannon twin spinner in 1915 and later it was improved to make today’s soinner baits.

In the year 1932,the American president,Franklin Roosevelt instituted the making of Tennessee valley Authority and encouraged the making and building of numerous dams.Which was later used rearing different kinds of bass fishes.

In 1937,Dupont company applied for patent for nylon fishing net and this later became nylon monofilament fishing line.

Larry Nixon in the year 1992 who was the one of the famous fisherman in history won a sum of $1m in the bass fishing sports that year.

Bass fishing sports

In the has fishing sports or events,there are several kinds of species that are being caught.they are;

Micropterus salmoides-Largemouth bass Micropterus dolomieui-smallmouth bass Micropterus punctatus-Kentucky bass

Although there are other species of micropeterus,but the most popular is the largemouth bass.They have their varieties though.for instance,the Australian bass are different from the ones in North America but they all have a common feature.

The big success in bass fishing came in the50’s.This popularity then led to the development of the fishing equipments such as bass boats,rods,lines lures and various fishing gears.

Then came the incorporation of electronic gears to collection of bass equipments for fishing as well as reels of different types which works in hauling hoisting.

The bass fishing industry has contributed immensely to the growth of American economy.A whopping sum of $50-70 billion has been realized from this alone and the number is still counting.Also,many number of people are getting passionate about this sport than tennis and golf.