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Spring Fishing

Spring Fishing With the Sunday Morning Tournament held out of ~StowAway Marina reaching five fish limit weights of over twenty five pounds it is obvious that the bass fishing in Conroe is improving. Various attempts seem to be paying off for an improvement in Lake Conroe’s black bass fishing. The improvement has been a gradual […]

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Split Shotting

Split Shotting SPLITSHOTTING One of the types of finesse fishing for black bass is called splitshotting. This rig is designed for fishing a worm through mossy areas. This rig consists of a worm rigged on a hook without a weight directly on the worm head. Instead of using a worm weight a tiny splitshot weight […]

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To Braid or Not to Braid

To Braid or Not to Braid By now most of us have had experience with the new versions of braided line. Opinions of the line vary from each fisherman of its uses and applications. Many fishermen use the line for a few special techniques and use monofilament for the rest of their fishing. After being […]

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Carolina Riggin Basics

Carolina Riggin Basics The Carolina Rig is a method of plastic worm fishing that is very effective for structure fishing for black bass. There is a wide variety of structures in the lakes of East Texas. On Lake Conroe there are pond dams, old road beds, old railroad trestles, creek channels, ridges, and submerged timber. […]

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Fishing Trip from Hell

Fishing Trip from Hell Last spring I was guiding everyday on Lake Conroe during my two week off limits for the Texas Invitational at Lake Sam Rayburn. I had been counting down the days before the event and running bass fishing trip after bass fishing trip, either two half days or a full day everyday […]

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East Texas Duck Hunting

East Texas Duck Hunting Being more of a fisherman than a duck hunter I was unaware, until recently, that this year marks a year of record setting duck populations. The “pot hole” region of North Dakota and Southern Canada was in perfect breeding condition for the migrating waterfowl. Duck numbers are up by more than […]

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Texas Angler in Africa

Texas Angler in Africa December 19th, 1995 I was standing in line at Houston Intercontinental Airport waiting to board a flight to London, England. From there I would catch another flight to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa. I was anxious get this trip underway so that I could visit my parents who live in Lagos and […]

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Duck Hunting Lake Livingston

Duck Hunting Lake Livingston The second split of duck season is always greeted with eager duck hunting locals of Lake Livingston’s north end. On Friday December the 8th two friends of mine, Chris Swift and Brian Broadus and I watched over the Jungle and Robbs Lake, two water bodies on the north end of Lake […]

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Living on Lake Livingston

Living on Lake Livingston Living on Lake Livingston for the past six years has lead me to several understandings about bass fishing and this lake itself….change. Because of the “change” that I am referring to this lake sometimes gets a bad rap from bass fishermen who visit it occasionally. Being that the massive Trinity River […]

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Weather Wise

Weather Wise Recently I was on the water guiding a father and son party on a fishing trip. We were fishing a couple of main-lake humps down on the south end of the lake and spooning up crappie, white bass, black bass, and yellow bass. The bite was good and even I sort of got […]

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Top Brass Crappie Rig

Top Brass Crappie Rig As you well know if you have read anything about Lake Conroe this year is that the crappie fishing is premier. I think that it is safe to say that Lake Conroe is one of the best crappie lakes in the state this year. Many of us Lake Conroe fishermen have […]

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