As the new owners and operators of Crazy Bear Lodge we would like to offer you our warmest greetings.  After enduring a devastating fire that nearly swallowed the lodge whole, Crazy Bear is stronger than ever.  We were very fortunate to escape without any damage, mostly in part to the fact the fire fighters were using the lodge as there home base to fight the enormous fire.  This allowed the crews to fend of the fire from our infamous rock and save Crazy Bear for the next generation of fisherman.  We allowed a couple years for the trees to recover and for the new growth to appear.  The recovery has been incredible and therefore we are taking select groups for the 2011 summer season.  Dedicated to the outdoors our team own 2 other fishing lodges in BC.  In the fall you will find us on the banks of the Bulkley River battling wild steelhead (you can learn more about this operation here).  The rest of the year we are attacking salmon and steelhead in the remote waters of the Queen Charlotte Islands (for more in click here)

2011 Season

We will be running from Friday to Friday every week for the entire summer.  Our rates are $3550 for 7 days and that includes the flight all the way from Vancouver.  If you have any questions please give us a call.  Both Denis Dore, and Derek Botchford will assist you with your trip

2011 Fly Fishing School

Have you ever wanted to learn more about fly fishing?  or maybe someone in your family has the bug,  than this is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Our week long school will give you the confidence and ability to catch trout anywhere in the world.  The great thing about taking a school at Crazy Bear is that there are so many fish around,  you will be catching, and fighting fish from the very first moment you wet a fly.  No where else in the world can you have access to this many wild trout all to yourself.  To read about our school, look at this outline and itinerary here – CRAZY BEAR SCHOOL