We continue to suffer from low water conditions caused by lack of rain and irrigation in the valley. At the bme of this article, Falcon is down about 38′. There is good news though, First of all we have finally gotten some rain, so the lake is rising a little. The best news though is the outstanding fishing right now. Falcon bass are used to periods of low water, and have an uncanny knack to stay shallow and active during tough times. Our guides are fishing from the Marker #9 area south towards the dam. The hottest pattern is to pitch a spinnerbait into bushes in about 3′ of water near deeper water. Falcon fish are showing a real preference for the now “Tru-Trac” spinnerbait that we sell. They have realistic patterns and a large rattle chamber. Rattletraps in the same type areas are also producing well. As the day goes on, I suggest throwing Carolina rigged lizards and worms and deep crankbaits along the rip-rap of the dam. There are several long deep points in the south end, and these will keep you busy all day. You need to watch your graph and try to locate one of the many off-shore rock piles near the Tiger creeks and along the main lake, These have been big fish producers. They are old houses and buildings that were destroyed when the lake was built. The best way to locate them is to look for such structure on the bank and work your way out, as many of these areas are old “colonies”. Currently, we have two boat ramps available. One is at the State Park on the south end, and the other is located at Beacon Lodge. One major navigational hazard on the lake is an old highway 83 bridge near the public boat ramp. This bridge has the mouth of the Veleno completely shut off and will wreak havoc on a boat. Plan a summer trip to Falcon, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Our common guide day right now is about 20-40 fish with sever2i in the 5-9 pound range. For 1ake, motel, and guide availability don’t hesitate to give me call at 210-765-3939. I’ll probably be fishing, but our Pro Staff can answer any of your questions.