This month’s report is a sort of good news bad news scenario here on beautiful Falcon Lake. The bad news is that we are still suffering from extremely low water levels and from all appearances the lake will continue to fall through the summer. The good news is that the fishing is fantastic. As Mr. McCarty talked about last month, Falcon is one of the few lakes that will produce five fish 30 pound stringers throughout the summer’s heat. For the summer there will be two predominant patterns. One will be deep diving crankbaits fished down rocky points and parallel to rock ledges. With the water so low these areas will be visible. I recommend red, firetiger and chrome. The second hawg huntin’ pattern is to pitch and flip worms or lizards around 3-6’ hardwoods. This pattern works from the Marker 9 area south. When it comes to colors I would recommend red shad, blue fleck and junebug. In locating the preferred hardwoods limit your search to ,areas that are near deep water. When coming down to Falcon this summer I have several recommendations. First spool up with braided line. Down here all my guides use T.U.F. line 50-65 pound test. I can personally recommend this super braid as I have used it for the past three years. It was one of the first braids available and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Secondly have plenty of sunscreen and water available. Thirdly purchase a good map and run the international markers along the main river channel. There are lots of mean rock piles and trees popping up right now. Finally bring a camera. Falcon can produce the fish of a lifetime, even in the summer months. Give me a call at 210-765-3939 for any information you might need. My headquarters are at Lunkerville Tackle and Guide can take care of everything from guides to motel and taxidermy. you will find that our unequaled selection of tackle and capable guide Pro Staff will gladly help you in any way. Until next month hope to see you on the water. If you see a big red silver and red Stealth motor on over and say hello. (Chip Harmon’s sponsors are Stealth Boat, Falcon Rods, T.U.F. Line, Browning and Angler’s Marine. For information on any of these products or a demo ride don’t hesitate to give me a call)