GPS coordinates and fishing information for Lake Austin

The following GPS coordinates are provided for general reference.

GPS Waypoints for Lake Austin:
Submitted by David A. McClung

Who cares about Lake Austin? During the Region 7 TABC Top Six Tournament in March 1996, two bass over 8 lbs were brought to the scales. I know of at least one other bass over 8 lbs caught during the spring of ’96. Pictures of fish over 10 lbs have been in the paper. Lake Austin is a twenty mile long river channel type of lake. It is the only lake in the Highland chain with extensive vegetation where you can run your big motor. Town Lake in Austin also produces good fish, but is restricted to electric motors and canoes.

Lake Austin is normally drawn down about 10 feet every other year from mid Jan to late Feb to control the hydrilla. 1997 is a down year.

The best map available of Lake Austin is an Austin city map. Most city maps have the ramps marked as well as creek names.

CAUTION: There is excessive pleasure boat traffic on Lake Austin. The lake is very crowded with pleasure boats, water skiers, and jet skies every weekend during warm weather and has some traffic during the morning and evening most weekdays. YOU MUST DRIVE ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE OF THE LAKE WHEN RUNNING THE BIG MOTOR.

GPS Waypoints start at the dam and work up the lake: Each entry starts with Lat/Lon, then waypoint name for the GPS receiver followed by a description of the waypoint. Note that the naming convention used is the first letter of the lake name is the first letter of the waypoint. All points here are named A????? This keeps all of the Lake Austin points together in my receiver. All creek and hollow entrances end in C. All ramps have RMP after the initial A.

The GPS Waypoints are generally in the water, just off of the topographical feature indicated. The points will help you know where you are on the lake. Extreme CAUTION should be used when navigating to the points. USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK!

N 30 17.66 W 97 47.18 ATMDAM – Tom Miller Dam – south end of the lake (Hula Hut is just above the Dam with boat slips if you need lunch or just refreshing.)

N 30 17.82 W 97 47.30 ABEEC – Entrance to Bee Creek

N 30 17.89 W 97 47.05 ARMPWA – Walsh Boat Landing – only public access on this end of the lake

N 30 18.70 W 97 46.55 ADH2OT – Davis Water Treatment Plant

N 30 19.93 W 97 46.80 ADRYC – Etrance to Dry Creek

N 30 20.90 W 97 47.49 ABULLC – Entrance to Bull Creek (County Line Bar-b-cue is up Bull Creek. Good for lunch.)

N 30 20.97 W 97 47.91 ARMP36 – Ramp at the south end of the 360 bridge – public access at mid lake

N 30 21.00 W 97 48.62 ACH2OC – Entrance to Coldwater Creek

N 30 19.61 W 97 50.45 ARMPAM – Ramp at Austin Metropolitan Park – best to launch at 360 bridge

N 30 20.44 W 97 50.79 AEANSC – Entrance to the Small Fork of Eanes Creek

N 30 21.27 W 97 51.82 APNTHH – Entrance to Panther Hollow

N 30 20.48 W 97 53.89 ASLMAR – End of Selma Hughes Park Road

N 30 19.65 W 97 55.66 ARMPQP – Ramp at Quinlin Park – public access at end of the lake

N 30 20.20 W 97 56.09 AHNYC – Entrance to Honey Creek

N 30 21.25 W 97 55.04 AHRSNC – Entrance to Harrison Hollow

N 30 23.28 W 97 55.80 ALH2OC – Low Water Crossing Bridge over the upper end of the Lake. You can see Mansfield Dam on Lake Travis from this bridge and can get a bass boat under the bridge at normal level.

I have not verified all of these point on the water so would appreciate feedback from the users. Feel free to email me at

David A. McClung