The trees have started to bud and new green grass is beginning to peek through the winter growth. Each year when this happens you can expect the buck bass to start prowling the shallows and the sow bass to start feeding in order to store up fat for the spawn. Recently, Caddo has experienced high water, cold temperatures, and changing weather conditions which has made bass fishing slow. There has been few reports of trophy bass recently. However, within the next two weeks this should all change. Each year, during the month of March, thirty or more bass over eight pounds will be caught. So now is the time to get your boat ready and head to the lake because your trophy is waiting on you. If you just want to catch tons of fish for fun and for table fair, you can load up on White Bass. Just anchor in mid stream, put on a 1/4 oz. jig with a sassy shad trailer, let the lure go to the bottom, pick up one turn on your reel, and wait. The natural swimming action of the shad will bring about a quick strike. Other lures that work well right now are a 1/8 oz. slab spoon, a Rapala SR-5 S, and the Road Runner. I’ll see you on the water. For a guided fishing trip give me a call at 903 789-3440.

Water Temp: 48