Lake level 20.5 ft. low. Water stained. Black bass slow to 3 lbs….. Carolina rigged Lizards (rootbeer/green) working in 12-15 ft. of water. Strikes very light. SLOW retrieve required. Dam/Spillway and west pockets of Four Fingers only places holding active fish. White bass deep and inactive. Artic front will shut down bite until 4 or 5 days of sunshine and warmer temps. return. If you choose to venture out during this winter storm, please use EXTREME CAUTION ! Ramps will ice over easily and it is a long way to the bottom ! Catching fish is not worth losing your life ! For more info or to book a guide trip, you can contact me at CJ’s Guide Service (361)786-2377 or e-mail at . Carl Wengenroth

Water Temp: 62