It’s that time. The winds of South Texas have gone dead calm and the tailing Red action in the flats of the Lower Laguna Madre is incredible right now. For the past two weeks and for the next couple of months, chasing tailing Red’s in the clear shallow water of the bay will be the action. There is plenty of Trout and Flounder to be caught in the Intercoastal Channel but the real action is in the Shallowe flats. The past two weeks have seen just about every angler limiting on Red’s with the fly rod or light spinning rod. Tropicla Storm Beryl turned out to be a dud and in no way has affected our fish or their patterns. It is tails at daylight and sight casting from the baot the rest of the day. The trout under the lights at night have been unbeleivable and there are litterally thousands to be caught. good fishing; Doug Dunkin

Water Temp: 84