Richland Chambers Guide Steve Schmidt Lake Report: Wed, April 17,2001 (dated fished Wed 13, 2001) Water Color: Clear to 1 ft Depth: Normal Water Temp: Top 68 to 64o, Bottom 58o (4/5/01) Forecast: Warm/Overcast with a High of 80 winds out of the South 2 to 8 Boat Ramp: Oak Cove Marina Equipment: Rod – Hookhider Rods IM8 7ft Medium Heavy Reel -Spidercast SCP-600 Line-P-line 12lb Lure- Berkely Power Worm Color- Blue/Black & Red Shad Black Bass: The fishing is stating to come on. You need to flip or pitch (6in worm) soft plastic in backs of the coves right along the grass, the grass is the key. Let it settle and then twitch it and then hang on. You will catch fish the trick is to get them in. You have to get through a lot of cover. The colors I have been throwing have been Blue/Black, or Black and Red Shad. The Spinner bait bite has been pretty good as well. 3/8 single #4 Colorado blade(crome) Chart with a bit of white,up in the grass. The lake is still a bit Muddy in the backs of the creeks. Most of the females have spawned but you might find a few still on the Beds. You can check can check out and see some fish that were caught on Friday 4-13-01. The spinnerbaits used on this trip were supplied by S.O.B Lure Company and they can bought at I’d like to take the time to Thank the fine folks at Oak Cove Marina and my Sponsors :Hookhider Rods, Lunker City Lures, Spiderwire, Spidercast Reels, S.O.B Lures, Gambler/Bang and Aerial Angler and Bait Hooker Please Practice Catch and Release Steve Schmidt Tight Lines and Good Fishing Schmidts Big Bass Guide Service 817-468-2671 (hm) 817-929-0675 (cell) 972-923-6649 ( wk)

Water Temp: 68