Lake level: 170.89 and falling Black Bass: Early, work a top water plug, buzz bait or spinner bait over grass close to deep water. As the sun gets up, back out to the channel shelf and ledges. Carolina rig with watermelon Zipper worms and crank baits working best when fished in 8 to 10 ft. ledges around structure. Watch for schooling bass chasing shad. Traps and shallow diving cranks working best when schooling. White Bass: Work the main lake river channel sand bars, road beds, sloughs and main lake points in 16 to 20ft. of water. Slab spoons and Rinky Dink tail spinners working best. Watch for schooling activity. Bream bedding in 2 to 4 ft. of water. Crickets and worms working best.

Water Temp: 80