Lake Level: 168.5 ft, 3 1/2 ft below high pool and rising Clarity: muddy north, stained to clear south Temp: Low 50s The lake has risen over a foot in the last week with recent rains and continues to rise. High rising muddy water and high pressure has slowed the bite way down. Fish are scattered and holding tight to cover. As the lake stabilizes the bite should increase. Black Bass: crank baits in shad colors and half to three quarter ounce jigs in black/blue working best. White Bass: slab spoons and Rinky Dinky tail spinners working best. Crappie: shiners and 1/32 oz. Jigs working best. Good reports of catfish coming in on live and cut bait. Concentrate in areas where fresh water is dumping into the lake.

Water Temp: 50