Tail Walker, Better Than Ever In 2008

Press Release September 6th 2007

Harrisonville, MO. — Tail Walker Lures LLC. After a 85% approval rating in a field test with North American Fisherman. We decide to go one step further and see what we could do to make our Top Water Lures even better. After looking over hundred of reviews, we found two key factors that 15% of the anglers in the field test wanted to see changed in Tail Walker.  
Making it easier to start the walk the dog action and being able to use a wider selection of fishing line when use the lures, were the main issues with 15% of the anglers in the field test.

Over the past five months we have been field testing a new version of Tail Walker and now In 2008, Tail Walker top water lures will have more weight in the tail section of the lures. Adding the weight to the tail of the bait has allowed the nose of the lure to set higher in the water with out affecting the great left to right darting action that Tail Walker is becoming known for.

Anglers will now have the option of using a wider selection of fishing lines that are available on the market today when fishing our walk the dog lures. The weight change also made it easier then ever to start the walk the dog action and gives the angler more control over the lures. Also due to the fact that the tail is now the first part of the bait to hit the water, the lures make less of a splash when they land in the water after casting.

“ The changes are very important to the reputation of Tail Walker. Our lures are priced higher then some of our competitors. I want the consumer to get the best product for there money “ Our goal has been to make Tail Walker one of the best and easiest walk the dog lures on the market, I think the changes have accomplished that. I know that we will not please every one but we will do ever thing we can to make our customers happy. “ says Jerry Schlueter, owner of Tail Walker Lures.

The new version of Tail Walker will be available, starting November 1st 2007. Watch for information and new Tail Walker fish catching action video coming soon to our website at www.tailwalkerfishinglures.com