The fishing has been mostly good to excellant all month. When the wind lays the trout really turn on with limits being caught before the sun has a chance to warm up the day. When the wind does blow (like it has the last few days) the redfish like it and we are taking a lot of fish behind three island and on Gaswell Flats using either a Popping Cork with Live Shrimp or a Mauler with small mullet. Today the wind blew about 30m.p.h. and we had 10 Trout and 5 Red`s off of Gaswell Flats using an “Austin Clicking Popping Cork” with some real eager Live Shrimp from Jake and Jessica`s Bait store in Port Isabel. The good side to this catch was that the fish were all large with the trout exceeding 23 inches and the redfish in the upper part of the slot at 27 to 28 inches. A couple of weeks age a fairly large school of Tarpon showed up at the jetties and provided some good sport reminded me of the early 70`s when they were real abundant all of the way through Nov. Offshore the action has been heating up with the usual offshore species making a showing; a few big blue Marlin caught and released. Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin, Kingfish and Bonito also in good supply.Red Snapper even tho the limits are small the fish are big and hungry. Those of you that have sampled the fishing in our part of the Gulf Coast know how good it is; the rest of y`all should give it a try. For fishing information call 1-800-943-6282 Get your resevations in eary for the summer–fishing in the bay is really good for the kids this time of the year it would be agood time to break them in with a seasoned Captian/Guide Capt. Lou Austin

Water Temp: 87