We had an excellent day on Rayburn today. My clients and I caught about 40 fish, most coming on Baby chugbugs, crankbaits, and Swackyworms. Our fish ranged from 13″ to 4 1/2#s. The fish we caught on Swackyworms are hoding in scattered grass in 7 -10ft. of water. Most of the topwater fish and crankbait fish are coming from schooling fish or over grass near schooling activity. Some of the schools are holding some nice fat keepers along with some hybreds. The key to the school fish is slick water/no wind. Keep a jigging spoon handy for making long cast and also to catch fish that go to the bottom. We did catch a few fish under balls of shad we graphed after the schools went down. These schooling fish should continue to get better as the lake falls. I am still running crappie specials until the middle of August. If you would like to book a guide trip for Rayburn or Toledo please email me or call (409) 698-2227. Good Luck!

Water Temp: 89