Not many fishermen on the lake or reports coming in due to the weather conditions. High winds, cold temperatures and bad weather have kept most fishermen on the bank. The pattern remains the same as it has been for the past couple weeks. Black Bass: Falling water temperatures have pushed the bass into deep water. Bite is slow and they are holding tight to cover. Jigs in black/blue, brown/orange and camo along with deep diving shad colored crank baits and spoons working best. Bite is better in the afternoon. White Bass: The White Bass are starting their annual migration up the lake to the river proper. Concentrate on the old river channel sand-bars. Slab spoons and Rinky Dinky tail spinners working best. Crappie: Shiners and 1/32 oz. Black Jigs working best when fished over brush in 18 to 22ft of water.

Water Temp: 40s