Lake Level: 173.16 ft, (172 ft high pool) over a 2ft. rise since last week Clarity: Muddy Temp: upper 50s The Black Bass have slowed this week with the high muddy water and recent cold front. The Bass are holding tight to cover. As the water clears and warms back up the Bass will start moving back into the shallow flats and flooded buck brush in 2 to 4 ft of water. Spinner baits, tubes, brush-hogs, jigs and stick baits working best. For White Bass concentrate in the flooded sloughs off the river channel with 1/4 to 1/2 oz. Chrome/ blue back traps, and chartreuse or white road runners. Some Crappie being caught in the creeks leading to the backs of the coves. Chartreuse jigs and shiners working best.

Water Temp: 50s