LARGEMOUTH are just beginning to show up in numbers in the shallows. 3″ crawfish (Creme Lures) Super Tubes, Curb’s hair jigs or pumpkin/watermelon Terminator jigs and 1/4 oz. crawfish ‘Traps are all producing in channels leading into creeks, pockets and flats with laydowns or stumps. CRAPPIE season has begun. 12″-16″ slabs are in 1′-3’ of water. Try chartreuse (Creme Lures) Tiny Tubes or chartreuse or white 1/32 oz. Curb’s crappie jigs. Artificals are outfishing live minnows. TO BOOK A GUIDED TRIP FOR EITHER SPECIES CONTACT JR’S GUIDE SERVICE We are the largest and most experienced guides on LBJ and are FULLTIME, PROFESSIONALS. Tournament prefishing a specialty. Corporate and family trips. Tackle provided. Call Jim Files (830) 833-5688 or email

Water Temp: 60