I was surfing through the Internet the other night and happen upon some information that I think you readers will find very interesting. Bass Anglers Sportsman Association (B.A.S.S.) listed some memorable events that have taken place during the past twenty-five years. Here are a few….

1967 – Ray Scott conducts the All American Bass Tournament on Beaver Lake, Ark. 106 anglers from 13 states paid the $100 entry fee. Stan Sloan wins and earns $2,000 cash and a trip to Acapulco.
1968 – Scott edits the first BASSMASTER magazine; 28 pages.
1969 – Bill Dance used the new electronic device, a “Fishthometer” which measures water temperature to win his fourth tournament.
1970 – Bill Dance becomes the first B.A.S.S. Angler Of The Year.. B.A.S.S. has eight employees and 10,000 members.
1971 – Bobby Murray wins the first BASS Masters Classic on Lake Mead. NV.
1972 – BASS promotes Catch-and Release with “Don’t Kill Your Catch” program.
1973 – Aerators are used in livewells to conform to new BASS tournament rules.
1974 – Ray Scott limits boat engines on B.A.S.S. Tournament Trail to 150hp.
1976 – Minnesota BASS members help squelch a proposed state law to ban chart recorder type sonar devices.
1977 – Hydrilla, labeled by BASSMASTER as a “diabolic menace to the future of bass fishing” spreads from Florida to the other states.
1978 – Daily creel limits for BASS tournaments are lowered from 10 to 7 bass and the minimum size limit is raised to 14 inches.
1979 – International Fishing Hall of Fame inducts Ray Scott.
1980 – BASS membership reaches 350,000.
1981 – First indoor weigh-in and Classic Outdoor Show is held.
1984 – Rick Clunn sets Classic winning weight record; 75lb, 9oz. (Ark River). Honorary weighmasters are VP George Bush and Ark. Gov. Bill Clinton.
1985 – BASSMASTERS TV series debuts on TNN.
1986- Helen Sevier buys BASS, Inc. Scott remains as president of Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society.
1987 – Fishing fans fill 21,000 seats in Louisville, KY’s Freedom Hall for the final Classic weigh-in.
1988 – ADWEEK declares BASSMASTER one of the 10 hottest magazines.
1990 – Rick Clunn takes record fourth Classic world title.
1991 – Vojai Reed becomes first woman to fish a BASS pro event. Larry Nixon
wins fourth MegaBucks. BASS launches CASTINGKIDS program.
1992 – Denny Brauer becomes top single season BASS money winner earning $208,900 on the 1992-93 Tournament Trail.
1993 – Daily BASS tournament limits go from seven to five bass.
1994 – Connecticut angler Bryan Kerchall becomes the first Federation angler to win the Classic. (Kerchall was later killed in a commuter plane crash)
1995 – The 160 BASS staffers work in three buildings; BASS has it’s own zip code (36141). Membership 660,000, Bass Federation 46 states Asia & Africa. Tournament Trail payout over $4 million.

Thanks B.A.S.S… and the SportsGuide wishes you many more wonderful years.