Lake Fork Fishing Report October 2000 by: Guide – Sherry D. Ruslink For the most part, September continued to yield hot weather and hot water temperatures most of the month on Fork. With no rain for the past 70+ days, Lake Fork had lost enough water through evaporation to lower it by 1.5 feet. However, on Sunday, September 24, the last day of the McDonald’s Big Bass Splash, a cold front moved in with a fervor. There was a drastic switch in the weather and fishing caused by a northern storm which moved in around noon. The storm surprised most of the anglers with high winds, rain, and a temperature drop of 20 degrees for the last half of the tournament day. The hot and cold temperatures didn’t deter the tournament anglers from entering Bob Sealy’s coveted tournament though, with reportedly 2600+ anglers entering with high hopes of taking home a brand new Triton Boat and a new Dodge truck to pull it with. On Sunday, it was announced that Randy Miller, Sulphur Springs, Texas was awarded the big package by catching the largest bass turned in to the tournament officials, with a 10.44 lb Lake Fork bass. Congratulations Randy – way to go! Second place bass weighed 8.95, third place weighed 8.19 lbs., fourth place bass weighed 7.96 lbs., and fifth place was 7.46 lbs. As you can see, even with Lake Forks’ strict slot limit, there were still bass brought to the scales measuring over 24 inches. A big HIGH 5 to all! Thank you goes to Bob Sealy and crew for bringing such a big event to the Lake Fork area. A job well done Bob! October will be the month that the bass enter the fall feeding frenzy, triggered by water temperatures declining and shorter length days. Look for the bass to move off their summer haunts on main lake points, roadbeds, and ridges, and start following shad toward the backs of creeks. Bass will chase most anything when they are feeding up for the winter metabolic slowdown. Look for shad travelling in large groups, busting the top of the water as if they are being chased. Probably following close behind in hot pursuit of its next meal is a big old bass. This is the time for a lipless rattling crankbait in shad color. I personally keep one tied on at all times in the fall just for this type of action that calls for a crank and wind technique. Water temperatures are falling, but will typically be in the 70’s during October. Lake Fork is in good shape going into the fall, with healthy grass growing throughout the lake. Good concentrations of healthy bass, crappie and catfish have been caught all year, and with the refill of Lake Fork in June, it appears that we will be entering fall, winter, and next spring in excellent shape for a good 2001 fishing year. Start the fishing day about midway back in creeks and coves. Constantly be on the look out for schooling shad, or birds feeding on the surface of the water. Let nature tell you where the action is! Many bass will be chasing shad to the backs of creeks, therefore start midway back in a cove and work on back, then turning and working the water to about midway out. Use moving lures, such as Rattle Trap, SOB spinnerbait, or topwater lures. Chug Bug, Torpedo, and Bass Assassin will definitely work on feeding bass. Once the day gets later, move over toward the creek channel itself, and work the edges with a White jig/craw or a Texas Smoke Gene Larew Haw Craw, and pitch into the timber that lines the creek channel. Another technique that will catch several bass will be a modified Carolina rig using a ¼ ounce Top Brass Tackle brass weight, and a Fry Assassin in camouflage or grasshopper on a 2/0 hook. Many lures will work if presented correctly in the right area. Just look through the old tackle box and use some of those lures you were going to put in the garage sale. They will WORK! Good areas to concentrate your fishing efforts is Running Creek, Long Branch, Rogers Creek, Hurley, Bell, Garrett, Lake Fork Creek, White Oak, Birch, Penson, MaGee, and White Oak Bay. As of September 1, 2000, there is a new largemouth bass slot limit that is enforced on Lake Fork by the Texas Parks and Wildlife which is 16″ – 24″. All bass which measure between 16 and 24 inches must be returned to the waters of Lake Fork immediately. There is a daily bag limit of 5 bass, which 5 under 16 inches, or 4 under 16 inches and one over 24 inches may be retained per day. Please practice “Catch and Release”, “Safe Handling” of all bass, and be courteous on the lake. Texas Parks & Wildlife info, call 1-800-792-1112. Computer generated license, 1-800-895-4248, Visa and MasterCard only. Sherry Ruslink is a licensed guide on Lake Fork. She runs a full service Bass Fishing Guide Business. Sherry’s guide service offers individual, corporate/ group, instructional, and tournament prefish trips. Day trips, night trips, and ½ day bass fishing trips, Crappie trips, and gift certificates. Duck hunts, catfish trips, and full package fishing and / or hunting trips to Lake Guerro, Mexico can be arranged. Sherry can be reached at 903-383-7310, 1-877-523-9227, email:, URL: Sponsor’s include – Triton Boats/Mercury Motors, Kistler Rods, Shimano Reels, Lowrance, Motorguide, Lockhart Lures, Gene Larew Lures, Top Brass Tackle, and Bass Assassin. Sherry Ruslink Enterprises is now carrying the new Martin’s Map CD Rom, Martin’s Maps for Fork and Cooper, and the new Line Keeper. I sell retail and wholesale. We would love to have you join Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association on Lake Fork! *******FISH FRIENDLY*******

Water Temp: 72