July 2000, Toledo Bend Forecast Greg Crafts-Guide, Huxley Bay Marina & Lake Cottage The lake is exceptionally high for this time of year. We’re only a few inches from the high water pool level of 172 ft. and the typical summer fishing patterns of the past summers are proving to be quite different. We’re working top water baits and plugs early in the morning over shallow grass flats and then backing out to deeper water off points, sloughs and creek ledges when the sun gets overhead working cranks and soft plastics. With the rising water the fish have moved into much shallower water than we are normally use to seeing this time of year. Where we were catching fish in 8 to 10 ft of water on cranks and soft plastics, we are now catching them in 4 to 6 or even 2 to 3 ft.. The river ledges and drops haven’t been as productive as in seasons past. We also don’t have the large amounts of grass in the typical places we are use to fishing. A lot of the main lake humps and ridges now have willows growing to the surface so they are easy to spot and also hold a lot of fish. These ridges can be fished all day starting with top water baits, spinner baits, soft plastics and finesse baits. Also concentrate on the points of the ridges that drop into deep water with cranks, Texas and Carolina rigged lizards and worms. Crabapple, watermelon and June-bug are working well in soft plastics and fire-tiger and shad colors in cranks. Mid day, look for schooling fish along the river channel, road-beds and points. The blacks will some times be mixed in with the whites when they are schooling. Chug bugs, Pop R’s, traps, shallow diving cranks and tail spinners in shad or chrome colors are usually productive. A Texas or CR. Rig fished under the schools will usually catch bigger fish. To find out more about my guide service or Lake Cottage please visit my web site at www.toledo-bend.net/toledobend

Water Temp: 80s