Richland Chambers Guide Steve Schmidt Lake Report: Tuesday, Jan 29, 2002 Water Color: Clear to 1 ft Depth: normal Water Temp: 48 to 51 Deg Forecast: Warm with winds 10 to 15 form the south Boat Ramp: Oak Cove Marina Equipment: Rod – Hookhider Rod Reel – Spidercast SCP-600 Line- P-line 15lb Lure- 4.5 Millipede( Color- Watermelon Neon Black Bass: As we are having this unusually warm weather these fish are starting to move. But with the crazy changes in weather these fish just move right back out. A thing to remember, if you are on some fish this time of year and they are short . What you need to do is just move the boat back about 10 to 20 yards because the larger fish are just below. You should be able to mark them on your graph. These buck bass are starting to move and the females are behind them. You will find most of the fish at the mouth of the creeks in the deeper water. You still want to work jigs 5/8 oz to 1 oz. or a Carolina-Rig with a black swivel and a 24” liter and a 3/O gama hook.. Try to target some of the deeper water creeks that have a boat docks seem to work well this time of year. You will find a few of them on the Richland Arm across Midway at the Blue House Point. You really need to work your presentation very slow, if you think your fishing fast you need to slow down. I wanted to let every one know there is a great tool out there available to help in you on weekend fishing trip or if you’re a Tournament fisherman. You need to check Aerial Angler you can find Dennis at You can see the lake in such a different way. He will have Richland Chambers hopefully by the spring. So until next time, I’d like to take the time to Thank the fine folks at Oak Cove Marina and my Sponsors: Hookhider Rods, Paddletail Lures, S.O.B Lures, Aerial Angler Videos, Mojo Lures, Dual Pro Chargers & BANG. Please Practice Catch and Release Steve Schmidt Tight Lines and Good Fishing Schmidts Big Bass Guide Service 817-468-2671 (hm) 817-929-0675 (cell) 972-923-6649 ( wk)

Water Temp: 49